Welcome to AUAS! We're happy to welcome you as a student.

As you will have noticed, this year's introductory period is set to be different from previous years. However, that hasn't stopped us from creating a digital edition to provide you with the information you would normally receive on campus during the AUAS Experience. This online magazine was published to provide you with more information on the AUAS: as you know, we have far more to offer than just academics. For example, you can learn more about our faculties and take part in exciting competitions, so don't miss this opportunity to start off the academic year like a real winner!

Don't forget to read the special message from our current and graduate students Queeny, Sade and Luuk to learn about their experiences at the AUAS. Scroll down and click on their photo or button!


Queeny Degree programme: Nutrition and Dietetics

'In the past four years, I've taken steps that I never thought possible'


Sade Degree programme: Teacher Education in Social Studies

'A fun introduction will help you find your way in the wonderful world of AUAS'


Luuk Degree programme: Teacher Education in History

'There's so much more to AUAS than its many brilliant degree programmes'